About Us

Toko is a word from Sala Consilina, South Italy. It means something is cool, fun, well-done.

Our festival has seen the light in 2014, from the necessity to bring new life to Sala Consilina’s historical centre. 

In the Chiazzaredda (literally, a small square) our young founders made the first edition, helped by the local community. Our guests and an amazing view on the whole Vallo di Diano, made everyone fall in love with the Festival.

Toko wants to create a dialogue between people from South Campania and the world of cinema, especially the independent and experimental one.

Every year our short movie contest receives thousands of submissions from every corner of the globe and we’re proud to screen and award the best ones.

Our guests during the years have been several, with Nanni Moretti (former President of Jury at Cannes) and Fortunato Cerlino (Gomorrah) as cherries on top.

A project that mixes entertainment with cultural growth: exhibitions, talk shows and inner concerts have passed on our stage among the screenings.

Our not-so-secret purpose is also to bring people who lives outside the region to visit and love our place, creating tourism and sustainable economy.

For us, Toko is not just a dialectal term, it’s being together.