Toko is a typical word used in Vallo di Diano, south Italy, to say that something is right, well-done, cool.
This is just everything Toko Film Festival is.



Toko Film Festival is a group of guys who are extremely passionate about the cinema.

We love our town, Sala Consilina, so we decided to make this experiment to stimulate people about creativity and movies, in an original and suggestive way.

The final goal is to drive cultural progress and entertainment into the whole South Italy.



The event is formed by several sections: the core is, obviously, the short film projection and the award ceremony.

But then is plenty of things do to! We’ll have photography exhibitions, interviews, guest stars, debates and workshops!

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Piazzetta Gracchi (locally knew as ‘A Chiazzaredda, trad. The Little Square), in the historic hearth of Sala Consilina. An evocative scenario, where you can breathe history, see the sense of community, feel fresh air and taste a breathe-taking panorama.

We live in a beautiful but underestimated region named Vallo di Diano. Together with Cilento, it’s a UNESCO World Heritage Site from 1998.

Vallo di Diano is a mixture of nature and art, like the Certosa di Padula or the historic centre of Teggiano.


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